NAD T748 AV-receiver

NAD T748 is made in the usual for the devices of this brand colors and designed for work in the system of the middle class. It is equipped with seven-channel amplification section (40 W at full load) and can decode a full spectrum of modern sound formats. The switching is expanded by means of four 1.4 HDMI ports with 3D support return channel (ARC); conversion of analog video to digital up to 1080p is provided. To ease the initial setting, T748 has auto calibration system, which determines the size of connected speaker system and adjusts frequency response in each channel. Having quite a modest graph, screen interface is logical and convenient.

Due to the excellent cascades NAD T748 playfully deals with very difficult piles of special effects. You can feel here a decent dynamic and perfect detailing. Unfortunately, we can't say the same about sound atmosphere - the field sometimes loses uniformity. However, such effect is mainly noticeable at very high volume.

In stereo mode the devise sounds in the best traditions of NAD amplification technique, and this is true for any type of connection. The character is energetic, tonally balanced with catchy dynamics. The playback of musical recordings is incredibly detailing - the sound resolution is especially high in middle and upper ranges. Well, as for many other quality indicators (for example, sound scene) the receiver obviously goes beyond its price segment.

NAD T748 AV-receiver photo