AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V393

Built-in digital signal processor DSP (Digital Sound Processor) at receiver Yamaha RX-V393 has six modes, designed to increase the surround effect of conventional stereo. There is even a mode for mono, which can be useful for old movies and TV broadcasts. Normal Pro Logic, seen something not arrange developers Yamaha RX-V393, and in addition they have established decoder Dolby Pro Logic Enhanced, which is a hybrid of standard DPL and DSP (by the way, in terms of both management and configuration "pro logic" do not differ from each other). If you and they seem insufficient, the rear panel has six inputs for connecting a digital decoder system surround AC-3.

Bit unusual -looking remote control is easy to use and allows you to perform basic, frequently used operations: control amplifier, CD-player and recorder, brute fixed stations tuner. Inconveniently located power button, which is located near frequently used volume controls, so you have to be more attentive to the risk of confusion. You can not adjust the volume of the surround channels with the remote, and have each time to tighten the handle on the front panel of the receiver Yamaha RX-V393.

Pro Logic copes with his work: in the scenes where all sources are in front of you, determine the direction of them is not working. And sometimes it seems that it is possible to localize the source is behind even though this illusion is probably due to the fact that the apparent size remains valid source. In the same fragment including Pro Logic Enhanced rescaling leads to a small source to a size proportional to the distance between the rear speakers. Not quite smoothly played lateral or diagonal movement. In these cases, there are changes in volume, which is not always possible to compensate by adjusting the channels. Said additives - Enhanced - gives a considerable gain in the scenes where important good audible reverb effects, increases the amount of "indicators" sound. By the way, modes DSP (especially Concert and Stadium) in this plan really give a noticeable expansion of space. This property is shown at the receiver Yamaha RX-V393, even when working only from the front speakers when connecting the rear speakers effect becomes even brighter. We note in passing that none of the tested receivers are not so effective regimes DSP.

Musicality receiver Yamaha RX-V393 conventional stereo playback experts like. Proper positioning of symphony orchestra instruments sound good complementary freedom. Did not feel any shortage or imbalance at high or low frequencies. Well separated plans to upstage. Standing at the forefront of the strings do not mix with brass and powerful drumbeats not overshadow timid melody flutes.

Tuner Receiver Yamaha RX-V393 gives the impression of middling: not the best but not the last. Antenna position at reception in the FM-band visible, but not strongly affect the quality of reception. Capture stations in autotune sure enough, so that fine-tuning the existing indicator perceived as a free app (at least within Moscow).

Yamaha RX-V393 AV-receiver photo