AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V540RDS

The front panel of the latest apparatus a Yamaha clearly divided two triangular grooves in work areas, making it easier to search for the appropriate governing body. Initial setup of the receiver Yamaha RX-V540RDS is only available from the remote control on the testimony of a luminescent display (OSD not). In an attempt to simplify the installation developers divided it into two algorithms: You can only configure the basic parameters through basic (Basic) menu or all parameters - through the so-called sound (Sound) expanded menu. One of the main parameters considered for some reason the volume balance between combinations of columns (center/left front, center/surround, etc.). It seems that most people prefer the traditional volume control for each channel, this benefit is provided. Functionality of the device Yamaha RX-V540RDS can be considered a model: is there even a five-band equalizer for the center channel. It is possible to bind any digital input to any analog and component video input - any AV- input. But the most original - video converter, which converts the signal into a composite S-video (and vice versa). Remote Control Receiver Yamaha RX-V540RDS - programmable controls, in addition to the receiver, nine devices. There are five work areas, to understand that the move is unlikely. Apparatus specifically designed to work in a home theater (the leader in quality decoding) and thus has an excellent built-in PCM decoder. Therefore, listen to CD music better player via a digital connection.

Technical comment

Machine Yamaha RX-V540RDS - the undisputed leader in the test of linearity and frequency response of the operating band width (3-100000 Hz). Downs at the edges of the acoustic range are low and uneven in-band reaches record ± 0,2 dB. Output power measured in dual-channel mode - THD 96 W in the working area of not more than 0.03%. In the mid-range distortion does not exceed 0.05%, even at high power, which ensures the accuracy of sound. A high damping factor (about 100 units). And the ability to connect a low impedance (4 ohm) speakers facilitate the selection of speakers. Channel separation when decoding digital signals - the best in the test (70 and 72 dB for Dolby Digital and DTS) and pleases symmetry.

Yamaha RX-V540RDS AV-receiver photo