AV-receiver Sherwood RD-7308R

Receivers Sherwood recognized by their characteristic pad on the front, in its upper part and placed the tuner controls, and two-color fluorescent display window. With this solution, the front panel Sherwood RD-7308R does not seem overloaded buttons, although a lot of them. Initial setup is possible with the panel and the remote control. Algorithm custom installation, and understand it without instruction difficult. Some criticism is a way to specify delays: you need to put the difference between the distances from the listening position to the front and center (or rear speakers). When playing back recordings in Dolby Virtual mode depending on the distance to the front speakers and another option is selected pan sound (Narrow or Wide). At the same time the number of settings in Sherwood RD-7308R does not scare, of the original note the possibility of change in the level of low-frequency effects channel (LFE) separately for records in Dolby Digital and DTS, as well as the mixing of audio and video signals from different inputs. Remote control system, designed for managing branded tape deck and CD-player (not DVD!), Which are connected to the receiver via Digilink III. Remote Receiver Sherwood RD-7308R impressive size, so spacious buttons and their logical arrangement leads to the fact that the most popular controls are "at hand". Receiver can generally be described as universal, but with a musical bias: 6.1 input outperforms separation decoders. Recommended RD-7308R lovers two - or multi-channel music recordings, including exclusive formats.

Technical comment

Frequency range (at the level ± 0,5 dB) - 5-20,000 Hz with a downturn in the LF region. Damping factor - 64. Harmonic distortion in the work area capacity higher than that of other bidders, and the average of 0.04 %. Although the channel separation in absolute value is not the best, the picture is symmetric with respect to the direction of the interpenetration of the center speaker, which is very good for the correct localization of sound sources in space.

Sherwood RD-7308R AV-receiver photo