NAD T742 AV-receiver

Equipment of NAD is the example of healthy conservatism in circuit technique and design. Only recently some models gained a noble silver panel. As for the rest, design of the front panel of NAD T742 (except for a plastic plug of AV input) is traditional: round buttons and monochrome fluorescent display with rounded edges. Screen menus are absent, pre-setting of rarely changing parameters (sizes of loudspeakers and amount of delay) is made from the front panel; volume level in channels is set from the remote control only in Test mode. Principally, the algorithm of installation is very simple but unusually organized: you have to press either Setup button or rotate volume control that requires skills. The names of some buttons are false. In particular, Display is not for changing display brightness, but for showing RDS-information. The remote control of the receiver NAD T742 is equipped with flashing in the dark buttons (which is valuable) and can control four models of NAD's DVD-players wherein the control object is selected by a tiny mechanical switch. The remote control is elongated in length, so buttons of one working area are within reach, and there are five such areas. A high class DVD-player, equipped with built-in decoders with ability of full setting by channels, can help the receiver in theatrical applications. The abovementioned plus results of the measurements show: NAD T742 best copes with musical recordings on DVD-Audio and SACD-Multichannel.

NAD T742 AV-receiver photo