AV-receiver Marantz SR4300

Look Marantz receivers firm does not change: gold on black plus impeccably balanced panel. Left rotation handle, the same as the volume control to select the surround mode. SR4300 has six channels of amplification and is equipped with the latest decoders 6.1 formats. In connection with this configuration is slightly complicated, but its algorithm is quite intuitive. She performed with the remote control, the result is displayed on a monochrome dot fluorescent display. Variable parameters in Marantz SR4300 - set. For example, the delay signal is adjusted even for the subwoofer, which together with its indirect indication (given the distance from the speakers to the listener) provides more accurate system setup. For Dolby Pro Logic II provides such adjustment as Panorama and Center Width. You can even change the signal level 6.1 input (other applicants do not have this function), use a system of equalization multichannel signal ( analog of one of the functions of THX - certified devices), enter the frequency of the radio station or direct dial to name a few of the letters or numbers. The remote is able to control, in addition to the receiver, nine devices Marantz. Thus it is not overloaded with buttons and a clear division of work zones on turns it into an ergonomic device. Modest performance 6.1 - input does not allow one to recommend the SR4300 fans exclusive formats (SACD, DVD-Audio), but with the stereo recordings on CD and 6.1 multi-channel tracks he copes excellently.

Technical comment

Frequency Response at ± 0,5 dB uneven - 25-30000 Hz. Power amplifier output stages give 106 W (THD 0.7 %) and have a damping factor of about 50 units, the coefficient Headroom Power - 1,4 dB. The working range of power at low and medium frequencies THD does not exceed 0.02%. The spectrum at the Marantz SR4300 have any parasitic subharmonics, however the overall level of noise (55-60 dB) was 10 dB higher than the other test apparatus. The magnitude of the signal separation digital multichannel formats and its regularity - very good (64 and 66 dB for Dolby Digital and DTS) - second place in the test.

Marantz SR4300 AV-receiver photo