AV-receiver Marantz SR-96

If the main purpose of your intended purchase is the central unit of the future AV-complex, which is not out of date by next Christmas, the story of the Marantz SR-96 is definitely of interest to you. This receiver is in contrast to other models that were described in two tests earlier this year, in particular, and the Marantz SR-73, combined system decoders Dolby Pro Logic and THX. And the alleged distribution of movies with sound Dolby AC-3 fails to deliver the future owner of SR-96 in a stalemate: the receiver has a special mode and connectors for an external decoder by this system. This unit should immediately appeal to those who enthralls OSD modern TVs Philips or Nokia. On the rear panel to the uninitiated it is better not to look, because free space on the connector, it is practically not. By SR-96 can connect four sources of video, two of which may be a record (and all connectors are duplicated and even S-video), TV monitor, three sources of sound programs, five acoustician. And there's a subwoofer output, system bus interface and a half dozen for the AC-3 decoder. Upon initial installation on a connected multisystem TV displays the current status, as well as multipage menu, designed to adjust the surround. Activatable state management functions and surround sound is displayed on the screen of the receiver, and the OSD can disable it. But the management of individual blocks of the system bus Marantz D-Bus, unifying them into a single complex, only displayed on the receiver's display. The company offers a new way of your home system - mode MULTI-ROOM, which allows you to use the central unit as the source program for the second room. Moreover, it may be the same program as that for the main room, but with its own level, and completely different. This receiver laid tremendous opportunities in the organization of management, as well as, first and foremost, AV-receiver, the remote control with that in the ground and is necessary for the daily operation of the home theater, even more than from the front panel of the receiver. The keypad has a learning opportunity that will allow you to use components and other firms. But back to the main characteristics of the receiver. Dual-band tuner SR-96 showed traditionally high performance for the company, which showed the other models of the company, the test earlier. And just as there, the FM band only western. Large and almost the same for all channels output power (110 watts on the front and center channels and 90 watts rear) allows you to get a realistic, dynamic sound with good even in a relatively large area. When playing back video programming, except for normal stereo or even mono for old movies where the sound comes only center speaker, the receiver provides six surround modes, five of which may adjust the level of all channels and the delay for the rear. Adjusting the latest in a wide range (from 5 to 30 or even 90 ms depending on the mode, with a standard factory setting for all 20 ms) makes it possible to obtain the desired surround sound effects for almost any program material and the acoustic design of the listening room.

Marantz SR-96 AV-receiver photo