AV-receiver Onkyo TX-SV434

Introduced AV-receiver opens the line Onkyo, and set its functions contains everything you need for a home theater. Design TX-SV434 is designed in strict traditions of products of this brand, but at the same time modern. Central zone of the front panel is occupied by the multi-indicator that displays all modes inscriptions of two colors, and controls the receiver, which are combined in a group the size of buttons that perform various functions. Unit has two video - audio inputs and six, among which are the input for a turntable. Incidentally, the overload capacity with input corrector big enough (120 mV). Balance, and tone regulated mechanical controls only the front channels, which seems quite reasonable and justified, because they are basically required only when working in a traditional stereo. Surround mode is available in two versions: standard Dolby Pro Logic and the additional volume balance HALL channels carried by noise signal generator integrated in the TEST mode and while you can adjust the delay time of signals in the rear channels from 5 to 30 ms. Power amplifiers in the TX-SV434 four: two 50-watt distortion less than 0.8% for the front channels, allowing the connection of two pairs of speakers, one with the same capacity for the center channel and the last at 20 watts for the rear channels. When you have a desire to improve your home theater receiver may well perform the functions of the central unit: on the rear panel there are six line outputs. These can be connected to a separate power amplifier front, rear and center channel and subwoofer. Remote control, except management of the receiver allows for the connection, special cables other blocks Onkyo, supporting proprietary control bus RI, control them with the remote. Built-in tuner receives radio dual-band (GB and FM) and allows you to program up to 30 stations that you can for convenience and speed selection divided into three groups A, B and C. Setting the station is possible with automatic or manual scanning, but for fans accuracy and provides direct dialing station's frequency using the numeric keypad. When receiving an RDS with the tuning frequency on the scoreboard replaced station name. The company offers consumers a number of unusual features on the joint management of the complex blocks. Activation of IPM (Intelligent Power Management) results when the TV is connected to the input Video-1, the selector automatically switches to this input. More freedom to control other units give you two switchable main switch receiver outlet on the rear panel, allowing connection of devices with a total power consumption of 100 watts. And another feature that does not appear in all modern models, including mode SLEEP, you can automatically turn off the power to the unit with a delay. Her time set in increments of 10 minutes, and the maximum can be a half hour. When listening to music programs in stereo, and, most importantly, in the mode Surround, there is a clear space and localization effects in a well-balanced sound quality.

Onkyo TX-SV434 AV-receiver photo