AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V340RDS

There is a family traits Yamaha: decorative grooves on the front panel and fluorescent display with amber indications. Clear division between the work areas at the receiver Yamaha RX-V340RDS not, as the main control center developers find a full-featured remote control - initial installation is only possible with him. Algorithm can not be called intuitive, but it helps to understand the well-written manual. Much attention is paid to improving the accuracy of the settings: room size is taken into account, a step change in the distance from the speakers to the listener is 10 cm (!). Volume can be adjusted via two ways: by the usual algorithm or the basic level (for it is done the left front speaker volume levels are set by the remaining balance adjustments). Digital inputs from RX-V340RDS - overwritten, and you can take the second set of stereo speakers. By number decoder device RX-V340RDS surpasses all test participants. It is designed to decode even 6.1 soundtracks (DD EX or DTS-ES Matrix) in five columns: Information for the rear center is recognized and the signal is mixed into the rear speakers. Remote Control "is read" extremely easy, as it a minimum of buttons (he commands only receiver). Thanks to "waist" remote fits nicely in the hand, with all the buttons are within reach of your thumb. For the money Yamaha RX-V340RDS - a good gift to the owner of the "five satellites and a subwoofer", wanting to experience the benefits of a 6.1 sound.

- Technical comment -

Linear frequency response up to 100 kHz with very low non-uniformity (0.2 dB at 10 kHz). Adjusting timbres analog (lane unlimited). Do RX-V340RDS good performance on the output power (68 W) and a decent damping factor (54 units) do not restrict consumer choice in speakers. Multi-channel signal has excellent separation of channels for DD and DTS decoders and slightly worse performance for analog 5.1 input. CD-player is better connected to the digital input, which has a very good performance (deep division). FM-tuner receiver Yamaha RX-V340RDS worked perfectly: high selectivity helps to tune from industrial noise, and good sensitivity gain for the city.

Yamaha RX-V340RDS AV-receiver photo