Sony STR-DE595 AV-receiver

The notch on the front panel of Sony STR-DE595 receiver acts as work area for setting controls. The solution is so ergonomic that you want to make installation from the receiver's facade without looking in the manual. Algorithm of installation is thought out; much of it contributes to increase the accuracy of setting. In particular, the distance from speaker systems to the listener is selected with small step (10 cm - like in High-End equipment), the height of placement of rear speaker systems is taken into account; a special test signal is provided for subwoofer and the level for other speaker systems is mounted by narrow-band noise with the central frequency of 800 Hz (it's easier to evaluate volume). You can sound the second room by stereo signal, set frequency directly into the tuner and also specify the name from eight symbols for radio stations and signal sources. The branded DSP modes allow you to re-create an acoustic atmosphere of Hollywood pavilions of sound record in a living-room and at the same time you can correct the depth of effect. Elongated full-featured remote control is able to control thirteen (!) components of Sony. It has no superfluous button; the most usable buttons are located in the most available places. The device will perfectly cope with any difficult CD or DVD-Video recording, except, perhaps, six-channel SACD and DVD-Audio. In comparison with STR-DE375 without decoders of 5.1 channel sound, Sony STR-DE595 receiver is a real shot.

Sony STR-DE595 AV-receiver photo