Kenwood KRF-V5070D AV-receiver

In an effort to reduce the number of buttons on the front panel of Kenwood KRF-V5070D receiver the developers put on it three rotatable controls. One of them is Multi Control - it controls mainly installation. Here are concentrated: selection of loudspeakers' type (even special installations for three sets of Kenwood systems are provided), control of volume and delays in each channel (not only the distance to back, but also to front speaker systems are taken into account that increases the accuracy of setting). There is the opportunity to bring signal level on any analog input to one level (three-step attenuator). All above except Multi Jog control are inherent in the old KRF-V4550D. However, KRF-V5070 has also new features: DTS decoder, separate 5.1 input (in 4550 it is combined with analog DVD input), Active EQ system (its main advantage is the ability to optimize the sound of DD/DTS soundtracks for playing in big cinema hall), DAC 24bit/96kHz and several monitor modes, facilitating overwriting of digital information on analog media. The remote control is system and controls DVD and CD player, cassette deck and MD recorder of Kenwood upon the condition that they are connected with receiver by system bus (perhaps, that's why the receiver slowly responds to commands). The receiver will perfectly fit cinema and music lovers - the owner of vinyl player, dreaming to buy DVD player, which reads exclusive formats, and high-quality set of speaker system, preferably with powerful subwoofer.

Kenwood KRF-V5070D AV-receiver photo