JVC RX-5032VSL AV-receiver

Attraction center of JVC RX-5032VSL receiver is a large window of fluorescent display. Numerous different controls are grouped around it. Initial settings, not requiring characterization by ear, are available only from the front panel. There are a lot of them: in addition to mandatory, there is the possibility to change frequency cut between the sub and satellites (five levels from 80 to 200 Hz) and also to decrease level for 10 db. in LFE channel by rotary Multi Jog switch, which the previous models didn't have (RX-5022, RX-6012). However, Multi Jog does not simplify the setting - the algorithm became less intuitive. The remote control can be described in similar way. Staying a system, it controls TV, JVC cable TV receiver, but not DVD player. The developers designed it for work with the whole line of the branded AV receivers, that's why it is not overloaded by buttons, the part of which is not used. We recommend JVC RX-5032VSL receiver to cinephile or music lover from those, who are not going to buy SACD/DVD-Audio player with six-channel output (there is no 5.1 input). Due to the impressive power the device will "groove" full-range speaker systems (but they must have stable impedance!) and will work well with almost any of the 5.1 systems - corresponding adjustments are provided.

JVC RX-5032VSL AV-receiver photo