AV-receiver Pioneer VSX-D1011-K

Home of the "facial" receiver - wide hinged panel hides the least favored controls and analog AV-input signals. Left turning the handle is in the normal mode to switch sources and mode Setup - to adjust. THX certified unit, ie has 7 channels of amplification (by the standards of THX surround speakers should be four). Great attention is paid to setting up the system: a mode Expert, in which the volume and delay for each channel change in increments of 0.5 dB and 10 cm respectively. Can acoustic calibration: the volume of each channel is compared with the reference volume (for it passed the front left and the test tone sounds in it alternately with the speakers, which you configure) and many other adjustments until the peak level LFE (special test signal). If your system has only a couple of rear speakers, two amplifier channels can be used to connect high- way front speakers bi-amping. OSD not, goes through the initial setup of the front panel display and programmable, capable of managing seven components, remote control classic layout. He well balanced, buttons are clearly divided into work areas. The volume control is a horizontal rocker and get used to it immediately. In general, the "Pioneer" most impressed: design perfectly thought out compromises that went developers for low price will not reflect on the main - sound quality.

- Technical comment -

By bandwidth amplifiers with uneven ± 0,5 dB receiver in third place: skipping all 16 Hz, it passes the border to 50000 kHz. But even at the highest frequencies (> 90 kHz) roll off fits into the classic 3 dB. Tone control is provided within ± 6 dB, and the transition from the DIRECT mode limits the bandwidth is 22 kHz. The receiver excellent power supply, allowing it to retain the primacy of maximum power in a five-channel mode, 134 watts, while the second on this indicator for dual-channel mode (141 W). However, the level of distortion for a power output, though it has a small absolute value (about 0.025 %) yet higher than the other test participants. But the damping factor over 113. Decoding digital signals carried with good symmetry and a large division that reaches for Dolby Digital, DTS and 63 dB with a minimum within ± 3 dB. Linear multi-channel input mean value separation even more - almost 71 dB, although more and spread from 56 to 80 dB.

With an average value of sensitivity FM-tuner (1.7 mV) of the VSX-D1011 is the highest selectivity (60 dB). Also the highest, more than 66 dB S / N ratio when receiving FM-stations.

Pioneer VSX-D1011-K AV-receiver photo