AV-receiver Onkyo TX-SR700E

Front panel of the receiver is best characterized by the word "functional". Since it is available all the basic functions, it nevertheless due to the rational layout of the controls does not seem overloaded. AV-input on it contains an optical digital signal and that facilitates the connection of modern gaming consoles. From the "multiroom" options - opportunities to voice an extra pair of speakers and an audio signal to an additional amplifier and connect an external IR receiver rays, which allows the receiver in a closed rack or control it from another room. The initial setup can be performed both on the OSD, and focusing on the testimony of the fluorescent display on the front panel - you connect the receiver to the TV is not required. Alas, the volume and delay are adjusted for both the front (or rear) speakers directly; big step and delay variation (30 cm). The other structures are well thought out. Digital input can "fix" to any audio or AV-input, there Phono input for connecting a turntable "vinyl".

Remote control with a double groove on the underside of the hand does not slip. Buttons a lot, but they are clearly divided into work areas. The remote control is capable of seven components from any manufacturer. You can configure it in two ways: by entering the device code or by direct instruction. In conclusion, it should be noted the sound quality of the device. It - a wonderful, and only the high price does not allow unreservedly recommend it to home theater enthusiasts.

- Technical comment -

Receiver fully confirmed the reputation of the company: from Onkyo amplifiers have wide frequency response test (16-90000 Hz) with a minimum admission - only ± 0,4 dB. Adjust the tone with a large range (± 12 dB) - analog, a side effect which is the effect of the adjustments on the mids. In dual mode output power of 140 W, only slightly falling in a five-channel to 132 watts (the second result in the test). Harmonic distortion in the workspace capacities do not exceed 0.01%. Damping coefficient average - about 66. Channel separation when decoding digital signals of 60 and 63 dB for Dolby Digital and DTS, respectively, with good uniformity. However, for multi-channel input unbalance occurs since the amount of separation ranges from 42 to 77 dB.

Regarding this receiver need one warning: the amplifier inverts the signal from digital input mode DIRECT, without changing the phase of the signal when the unit sounds. For analog inputs in both modes phase does not change.

Sensitivity FM-tuner is the highest in the test (1.4 mV), but the selectivity did not exceed 49 dB. However, S/N ratio when receiving FM- stations more than 66 dB - also the highest.

Onkyo TX-SR700E AV-receiver photo