AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V390RDS

The receiver has a classic design, simple operation, VHF and CB allows you to connect three audio and two video source signal. The preamplifier has a center channel output to connect to an additional power amplifier. RDS tuner is equipped with the following set of features: output indicator on the scoreboard carrier frequency, station name, program type identification, search for radio stations by program code. Tune in a station available in both manual and automatic mode with an entry in the receiver's memory up to 40 stations with the division into five groups. Receiver amplifier has a traditional volume control , balance and tone the main channels. Digital signal processor DSP, applied in the receiver is used in four different work mode SURROUND. In all these modes, the corresponding change may delay signal DELAY TIME surround channels in the range of 15 to 60 ms and manual level adjustment rear channels. In the Dolby has the ability to manually adjust the level of the center channel. Power center speaker or lack thereof will determine the three modes of operation of the central channel: WIDE, PHANTOM or NORMAL. The remote control also allows you to control the tape deck and CD-player. Listening device found it very good sound with clearly perceptible space and effects. Rather convenient and intuitive control makes it easy to control the operating modes of the receiver. Among all tested devices, this receiver has the closest match between measured and stated parameters.

Yamaha RX-V390RDS AV-receiver photo